At EDIA we aim to improve our products and services in the direction our customers want us to go. That's why we are regularly seeking feedback and reviews. Once we've collected customers' requests, we handover them to our product development team, which then plans how the products will be improved in the short and long term.

EDIA Papyrus is a web tool for writers, editors and teachers which instantly classifies the readability level of any English text with an accuracy that outperforms human experts.

In July, we released two highly requested features, that we believe will be useful. Let's take a closer look:

 Feature Highlight of July - Word Replacement Suggestions 

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Rather than providing synonyms only, EDIA Papyrus now allows you to substitute difficult words for similar ones at easier reading levels. Let's say, you wrote the text and ran it through EDIA Papyrus.The tool highlights the words which are above your target readability level. Once you click on the highlighted word, you will get information on the current difficulty range of that word as well as suggested alternatives. 

This setup is very easy and quick. By clicking on one of the suggested alternative words, you can immediately replace the old word with the new one. If you go through a couple of edits in a live environment and hit the button 'Analyse Your Text' again. Once you've finished editing, see what your new readability of the content is. 

This new feature helps minimise the amount of time you have to spend on text iterations before publishing. This also allows writers to be productive and focus on creating a high-quality reading experience.

Desk Application

So many websites, so little time to deal with all the URLs.

With the help of latest Google guidelines, we've created a progressive web application (PWA) version of EDIA Papyrus. You can install it on your desktop and access the tool instantly. No need to wait to load the browser. Just click on the icon and start using the tool. Please note that 'Install Papyrus' button is currently only available in Google Chrome browser. 

Friendlier UX and UI

Since EDIA Papyrus uses the latest AI technologies, we felt that the design of the landing page didn't reflect that. In our latest design iteration, we decided to focus on simplicity, harmonisation of colours and staying focused. There is no limit to perfection, but at this point in time our new design of the Papyrus landing page makes us very proud. 



We hope you enjoy using EDIA Papyrus and make you happy with the new features coming with the next release !

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Anna Borbotko

Written by Anna Borbotko