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BureauTaal, a Dutch language and training agency, and EDIA, an Amsterdam technology company applying Artificial Intelligence to create smart content for educational use, have joined forces to better serve BureauTaal’s customers by delivering EDIA technology in Texamen, a CEFR readability tool for text writers. Texamen helps authors to check the level of readability of their texts to ensure their audience understand them.

“We are very pleased with our cooperation with BureauTaal” says Walter Montenarie, Chief Commercial Officer at EDIA. “By integrating our technology in Texamen, we reinforce BureauTaal’s Texamen.com and we get access to markets that we have not been active in.”

“Recently we started to deliver plain language services outside the Netherlands. For this we have established Plain Language Europe. With Plain Language Europe we deliver plain language services in English and other languages. EDIA's technology enables us to help our customers better.” says Wessel Visser, Founder and CEO of BureauTaal and Plain Language Europe.

About BureauTaal
BureauTaal is specialized in plain language. BureauTaal writes texts in plain language and gives training courses plain language. Plain Language Europe is specialised in plain language and currently active in Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, India, Argentina and Chile.

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About EDIA
EDIA education technology was founded in 2004 and is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In 2006, EDIA launched its first AI product for education, which used machine learning and natural language processing to curate online text sources for vocabulary training. The product won several international awards and is still widely used today. In recent years EDIA transformed into a SaaS platform by applying Artificial Intelligence technology to analyse text.

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Walter Montenarie

Written by Walter Montenarie

Walter Montenarie is EDIA's Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) as of March 2019.