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We're sitting down with one of our seasoned colleagues, Remy Lamers, who has been working for EDIA for over 8 years. His journey at EDIA has led him from a Marketing Intern to become a full-blown Product Owner & Project Manager. 

When did you start working at EDIA?


What did you do back then?

I studied Marketing and Communications so naturally, I started as a marketing intern at EDIA. Back then we had Alane, which is now called Knowble. We wanted to sell it online, so I helped design a web shop. Back then we were still developing it for clients. But then I transitioned to a new role within EDIA as a Project Coordinator, to then a Product Owner. I’ve grown and worn so many hats throughout the years which is one of the reasons why I've stayed so long at EDIA.

What do you like best about working at EDIA?

I like how we interact with each other and how far we’ve grown. I enjoy working on different projects and with different customers. Every project has its own set of challenges. What I like is that we advise our customers what is best for them. In the past, I did testing and support work and I like to influence the Product Owners on the client side, but also how to set up the process and how to optimize processes.  For example, I help steer commercial educational institutions from traditional ways of learning to a more automatized and digitalized mindset. Overall, my job is motivating because I can apply that knowledge in their business decisions to invest in certain technologies or not. There's never a dull moment though!

What are my challenges on the job? 

We are a small company so sometimes decisions change and are not aligned exactly as our customers expect. Managing all the influx of work and grading their priorities constantly changes whatever the development teams work on. Sometimes issues do escalate, such as a bug or new tasks which can change the timeline of development, so it's my job to stay on top of that and make sure our clients are aware of what's going on. Making sure we're developing with an agile methodology is key to producing high quality results every time.

What is your current job function, can you tell how you’ve grown to that position?

Now I am a Product Owner for 4 active customers.  If it weren't for my support and testing background before, plus my Communication/Marketing knowledge, I wouldn’t have been equipped with the knowledge of a Product Owner.

What courses or training did you follow in order to learn what you had to learn? How did EDIA provide or support you in this process?

During my work as a tester and support coordinator, I've read a lot of articles and worked closely with a developer to gain knowledge regarding Selenium. When I became a Product Owner, I was advised to follow a SCRUM agile training.

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How did you impact the company and contributed to the growth of EDIA?

I helped contribute to EDIA’s growth to becoming a more professional organization with better and more optimized processes. I've added the first testing processes in the company by looking for proper functionality and user interface of our products. Also, I've built good relationships and trust with customers long term relationships for many years.

What advice would you give others for them to survive their first week at EDIA?

You should feel comfortable at socializing to an extent. You'll get a feeling that we're like an extended family here at EDIA.

If you could describe EDIA in 1 word what would it be?


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Kate Frangos

Written by Kate Frangos

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